224 N Lee Avenue
Hereford, Texas 79045
(806) 363-7100
City of Hereford
Beef Capital of the World

Condition of Premises

Citizens are compelled by City Ordinance to keep weeds and grass mowed on their properties (responsibility includes areas from the curbside to the middle of the alley.)

In an effort to keep alleys clean and clear of debris, residents are asked to place all grass clippings, yard waste, as well as brush four feet and shorter INSIDE the dumpster. Brush larger than four feet in length and bulky trash is to be taken to the landfill.

The code of ordinances places the responsibility of maintaining a clean and orderly property on the property owner. This includes weeds, accumulation of junk, stagnant water and any other nuisances. Once the property owner has been notified that a condition on their property needs to be taken care of, they are typically given between three and ten days to correct it. After such time, charges can be filed in municipal court. The city can also remove the nuisance and then charge the expenses to the property owner. If such charges are not paid a lien can be placed on the property by the city.
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