224 N Lee Avenue
Hereford, Texas 79045
(806) 363-7100
City of Hereford
Beef Capital of the World


City of Hereford Facebook User Agreement

 By accepting the terms of this agreement, the user agrees to the following:

  1. Posted comments will not contain any offensive, threatening, or insulting language.
  2. Posted comments will not contain any profanity or obscene material.
  3. Posted comments will not personally attack an individual or the City.
  4. Posted comments will not contain any personally identifiable information such as social security numbers, addresses, drivers license numbers or any other sensitive information.
  5. Posted comments will be limited to the individual's comments and not posted on someone else's behalf.
  6. Posted comments that are political in nature (campaigning) are prohibited.
  7. Posted comments advertising products and/or services are prohibited.
  8. Participants are responsible for their posts.
  9. Any violations of this agreement or breach of any law will result in revocation of the users ability to post comments.

Disclaimer: Posted comments by users may not necessarily be in agreement with the opinion of the City of Hereford and as such should not be considered an endorsement or a representation of the City of Hereford.

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