224 N Lee Avenue
Hereford, Texas 79045
(806) 363-7100
City of Hereford
Beef Capital of the World


The Street and Health Departments, in conjunction with the other City Departments, work together to keep the City of Hereford clean and safe.

The City of Hereford currently contracts with BFI for solid waste service within the city. BFI is responsible for all areas of solid waste including collection, transportation and disposal. The cost of these contracted services are paid out of the Health Department. The city operates the type IV landfill.

Citizens are compelled by City Ordinance to keep weeds and grass mowed on their properties (responsibility includes areas from the curbside to the middle of the alley.)

In an effort to keep alleys clean and clear of debris, residents are asked to place all grass clippings, yard waste, as well as brush four feet and shorter INSIDE the dumpster. Brush larger than four feet in length and bulky trash (such as mattresses and large pieces of furniture) are to be taken to the landfill.
The City of Hereford runs a brush truck to pick up discarded items placed in the alley (directly behind your residence) and then hauls it to the landfill.

Located at: 15th Street & Progressive Road Telephone: (806)363-7140

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