Hereford Municipal Airport

Contact Numbers for the Airport

FAX: (806) 258-7289

After Hours: (806) 344-7710

Mechanic Shop: (405) 714-4449

The Hereford Municipal Airport is owned and operated by the City of Hereford. The airport has sufficient runway to accommodate business jets and most all other private aircraft. The airport is an integral part of the economic development of the City. We have recently completed a major Capital Improvement Program project - replacing the runway and the taxiways. The new runway is 6100 feet long and 100 feet wide.

City of Hereford


The city landfill is located at N. Progressive Road & 15th St.

(806) 363-7141

M - F:
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sat: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Fees: City Residents must bring a copy of their current water bill. Businesses and out of city residents must pay $9.50/yd.

Tire Fees: Passenger Tires (Car & Truck):
$3.75 each without rim
$6.00 each with rim

Semi-Truck Tires:
$14.00 each without rim
$44.00 each with rim

Tractor & Sprinkler Tires:
$33.00 each without rim
$55.00 each with rim

The City of Hereford Landfill is a Type IV Landfill. A Type IV facility or operation may be authorized by the commission for the disposal of brush, construction-demolition waste, and/or rubbish that is free of putrescible (decomposable) waste and free of household wastes.

It is our daily goal to maintain a safe and well-managed landfill in order to leave the land manageable and productive in the event it is needed for future city projects.

City of Hereford


The Street and Health Departments, in conjunction with the other City Departments, work together to keep the City of Hereford clean and safe.

The Street Department's primary function is to provide a means for transportation between the home, the workplace, recreational facilities, and commercial establishments; provide a system for stormwater drainage and removal; ensure that municipal roadways are sanitary and without excess debris. It also establishes and maintains sufficient traffic control devices to inform the general public on the conditions of and the requirements for the use and control of vehicular movement throughout the City.