The Finance/Water Office bills account maintains records and collects payments for water, wastewater, and solid waste collection.

This department coordinates services with the Utility Maintenance Department and aids in the research necessary to maintain an accurate rate structure for all services provided by the City of Hereford.

Located at: 224 N. Lee

Telephone: (806) 363-7102 (Finance Office)
Telephone: (806) 363-7101 (Water Office)
Nights & Holidays: (806) 363-7120 (Water Office)

City of Hereford

If you would like to pay your water bill by draft, please complete the form below and return it by fax, mail, or in person so that we receive it by at least two days before the water bill is due.

Public Works

City of Hereford

Johnny Torres, Public Works Director

As the public works director, he manages the operations and work activities of several departments, including the Parks Department, Hereford Aquatic Center, Health Department, Street Department, Utility Maintenance, Water Production, and Wastewater Treatment. His areas of responsibility include overseeing the safety of assigned employees and equipment, coordinating with utility companies on utility relocations, assisting developers, builders, and contractors in interpreting City codes and ordinances. He works under the administrative direction of the City Manager.

Utility Maintenance

Eight full-time employees are responsible for:

  • Maintenance of 5,600 water meters

  • Maintenance of 407 fire hydrants

  • Maintenance of water valves in our water distribution system and water mains

  • Maintenance of manholes and sewer mains in our collection system

  • Flushing of dead-end mains

  • Assisting the Fire Department with Flow Test every five years for ISO Ratings

  • Color coding fire hydrants

  • Meeting the demands of our customers around town

  • Meeting the demands of our growing town with new construction of water and sewer mains

  • Located at: 405 New York Street Telephone

Water Production

The City of Hereford has seven ground storage tanks equaling 6.15 million gallons. Also, three elevated storage tanks totaling an additional 1.0 million gallons. Our drinking water meets or exceeds all Federal (E.P.A.) drinking water requirements.

The responsibilities of the Water Production Department include:

  • Supplying a safe potable water supply to 5,600 metered customers

  • Maintaining adequate chlorine residual and constant water pressure

  • Taking bi-monthly bacteria samples by a state-certified lab

  • Tracking water consumption by monthly reports

  • Keeping daily pumping totals

  • Maintenance of all equipment

  • Well surveys of Ogallala & Santa Rosa static water levels, pumping levels, drawdowns & G.P.M. and well survey reports

  • Checking and maintaining 4 Water Plants, 60 well sites, 3 water tower sites, 13 booster pumps, and flow meters

Basically, if you turn on the faucet and good, clear, cold, water comes out - we are doing our job!!

Waste Water Treatment

The Wastewater Department is responsible for the treatment of wastewater, including maintenance of the plant and pump stations.

We use an activated sludge process plant with extended aeration mode. The main lift station has three 100 hp pumps that push the daily average flow of 1.2 mgd to the City Farm. At the farm, there are two aerated lagoons in a series with one storage pond.

Lagoons have a total capacity of 160 MG of treated effluent water prior to irrigation. Our goal is to remove all contaminants from the water before returning it to the environment.